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Matthew 4:4
"Man shall not
live by bread
alone, but by
every word that
proceeds from
the mouth of

If you were to die
today, would you
be absolutely
certain you were
going to heaven?

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What is "Fresh Manna"?
God's Word, the Bible, is to be alive to us. It's to be powerful and stir faith within us. It's to revive hope in our heart when we face the impossible. It's to bring home Jesus' promise, "With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible."

Who am I?
Pastor Tim Burt is an Associate Pastor at Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, serving under Senior Pastors Mac & Lynne Hammond.

Is it Possible to Know Jesus Personally?
Jesus Christ is the Divine Son of God. God allowed Jesus to come to earth to accomplish something that would help us now and save us eternally.

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About Pastor Tim Burt

Tim Burt is an Associate Pastor at Living Word Christian Center. His oversight includes the network of Small Group Ministry, Ministry of Helps, Visitor & Member Relations, Evangelism Ministry, Living Word Bible Institute, Leadership Development, Living Word Bookstore, and Manhood God's Way - a monthly Men's Breakfast of more than 300 men.

Having been a part of Living Word Christian Center since 1985, he has participated in the church's growth from 800 people at that time to 10,000 people today. His wife of 22 years, Renee, ministers weekly to a women's group of 200 women as well as assist in the oversight of the Small Group Ministry. They have a married daughter, two sons in college, and one son in high school, as well as a granddaughter.

Prior to his career at Living Word Christian Center, Pastor Tim worked 14 years for Northwest Airlines and was President of American Infant Care Products. He invented the fold-down commercial infant changing table used worldwide in public restrooms.


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